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The Pandemic Diaries | Rebuilding Life For Students

Our world is the most beautiful place in the entire universe and life is the most precious asset to every living individual. Good health, favoring circumstances, supporting relations, and a pleasant environment are a few basic factors that every life craves for a peaceful life.

Currently, our world is passing through a disastrous wave of Pandemic. During this Pandemic phase, there are millions of people who have suffered badly in terms of losing close family members or incurring huge financial losses. Our beautiful world, where we expect harmony and peace, has currently become a hub for worries, sorrows, confusions, and indecisiveness.

Every effort is being made on every possible level to overcome this pandemic wave so that our world and every individual life is back to its normal. All these efforts are surely going to succeed and gradually we all will be back to our original daily routines. But the effects of this Pandemic will be felt by all of us even after this phase is over for a considerable period in the future.

This is the right period for every- one of us to start the process of assessing the effects of this Pandemic that we might have to experience in the near future. It will help us arrive at a concrete strategy to rebuild and free our lives completely from any adverse effect of the Pandemic.

Small kids, who do not even have to attend online classes today, will be required to attend playschools or nurseries one day in the near future. After such a long break, it is going to be a big challenge for parents to prepare these tender minds again to restart their daily schedule. Parents should try and engage these tiny kids into some of the other activities wherein they are connected to the process of learning. If possible, at least one parent should spare some quality time for their learning activity at a stipulated hour of the day. At the same time, for those children who will have to stay in a daycare center once life comes back to normal, the right strategy should be planned by parents today.

The same applies to other school-going children as well. Going to bed and getting up in the morning, getting ready at a stipulated time, some basic physical exercise, paying attention to teachers, taking down important notes/instructions, carrying out home assignments in time and preparing for periodic exams well in advance are a few important factors that parents should be addressed to children time to time and also get it practiced from them. All the school going children will definitely have more spare time today than their normal course of life. It is essential to engage children today in any online activity that will draw their attention to many important dimensions of life pertaining to personal development. Generally, during the normal course of life, these important dimensions are ignored or given less importance due to daily workload. Utilizing spare time for such a cause will also eliminate the risk of children getting attracted disproportionately towards mediums of entertainment.

Conscious parents must have already taken into consideration all the above-mentioned parameters and initiated necessary action to avoid any inconvenience in the near future to their beloved kids and to themselves as well. In case for any reason parents have not taken any precautionary steps towards these parameters till now, today is the right time to start thinking about it.

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