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Lessons of Lockdown

Today, many countries in the world are forced to declare lock down to control the pandemic disease. Most of the people around the world would have experienced such a situation for the first time. None of us would have even dreamt of such a disastrous world- wide situation. Almost every one of us would have had a set pattern of life, with individual share of plus and minus, earlier to this current situation. This set pattern of life is definitely affected during this lock down period. The after effects of this lock down period are still unknown and almost every mind is occupied with worries about the same.

If the impact of lock down on a lay man’s life is observed minutely, there are some important realizations and lessons for practical life of every human being those can be adapted for a better future. Some of the suggestions are mentioned below:

  • During normal routine, due to hectic work schedule and time constraint, many of us would be missing delicate sensitive moments with near and dear ones. They all must have relished these sweet moments during this lock down period. Ideally, all of us should take out some quality time exclusively for our dear ones every day even after this lock down period is over.
  • During normal course we attribute many of our reluctant and careless habits, ignorance towards many aspects of health and safety to time constraint or work stress. Today, there is an opportunity to realize that we can improve upon these small but important aspects since these aspects does not demand any additional time or space in mind if they are accepted as a daily routine habits.
  • Every human being possesses a unique capacity to adjust oneself and manage daily routine, even during unfavorable circumstances. But this inbuilt capacity needs to be explored and developed. During this lock down period all of us, may it be a school going kid or a retired grand- father, are forced to make necessary adjustments to our daily routine habits willingly or unwillingly. We are much flexible today in order to manage the current situation. We can continue to be flexible wherever possible for betterment of our own people even after the life comes back to its normal course.
  • Today almost all of us are forced to curb/control a lot of instincts/desires due to non- availability because of the closure. During normal course, most of us would not even think of controlling any desire, good or bad, just because we never gave a thought to negative effects of this habit of ours to our own life. We can plan to make a necessary change to this habit of ours and in future, definitely fulfill every desire, but at the right time and to the appropriate extent.
  • However unfavorable the circumstances may be, we should not give up and make every possible effort to overcome the situation. Collectively it is proven in today’s lock down situation. The entire country is fighting the pandemic disease. Every one of us must prove the same on individual level as well, after the situation improves. During a difficult situation, the entire focus and efforts should be directed at finding a solution to the prevailing problem. We must come out of our typical approach of making futile efforts to find out cause of the problem, continuous thinking and discussing about the ill effects that one may have to face.
  • Even during favorable circumstances, when everything is working out well, we must be extremely alert and carry out all our activities consciously. We must make all possible provisions on familial as well as professional front to tackle any unforeseen situation like this. As all of us have experienced, in spite of taking utmost care to protect our lives from any mishaps, there can be factors beyond our control that can cause mild to severe disturbance to our settled lives.
  • Today, due to fear of getting infected most of the people are seen to follow the directions given by government authorities to public. Every individual is seriously taking care even when out in public to protect health from getting affected in today’s situation. If we decide to continue the same approach even during normal course, a good civic sense can be observed in the entire country.
  • Today we honor the concept of being united and fighting a war against the pandemic disease.  We whole heartedly appreciate efforts taken by many public serving agencies and professionals. Every individual is keen to offer cooperation and help as per personal capacity to needy ones. This attitude should very well continue even after the situation improves.
  • During this difficult period, many resources or services that aid to make day to day life comfortable were not approachable. People had to carry out their house hold activities of their own. How dependent have we become in life that can be easily understood now. We can try and reduce this dependence in future wherever possible, may be on a person, a resource or a gadget.
  • An invisible virus has brought down the entire human race to its knees today. A lesson that can be learnt here is that we should not consider ourselves to be the best or the most powerful entity in any field. If we live our life with a clear understanding that there can be someone better than us some- where, we will always keep a space open to be better. Otherwise we will be responsible to block our own development due to a false confidence. Also let’s not be in an illusion that the advance science and technology has a solution for anything and everything on earth.
  • Professionals worldwide will have to be more careful before they venture out for something new and big. Unforeseen factors such as today’s condition should be taken into consideration while planning to launch a new venture. Students should also think deeply and consult field experts before they choose a field for graduation and further studies.

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