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Motivate yourself with values and easy discipline

Motivation is an extremely necessary fuel to carry out every activity of life to the best of one’s ability. Every one of us, right from a child to an elder, is engaged in numerous activities daily. These daily routine activities should not be carried out mechanically, just for the sake of doing it, may it be a responsibility or a leisure activity. The motive behind every activity, an ideal way to perform the activity, and the outcome of the activity should be very well defined to an individual. Motivation is the spirit that will generate all these parameters of vital importance in an individual and make it possible to overcome casualness towards life.

Motivation in an individual’s life begins from childhood when parents and teachers make all possible efforts towards the fruitful upbringing of a child. During childhood, motivation at home can be witnessed through the efforts carried out by parents in providing children various resources towards academic education, encouraging their hobbies, and inculcating good habits. In schools, the discipline imposed on students, training to develop many useful skills, and assessment of students in the form of examinations are also a kind of motivation. It is extremely essential that students realize the purpose behind these efforts put in by parents as well as teachers and generate the necessary motivation. These valuable efforts put in by parents and teachers towards the motivation of children should ideally transform into a consciously adapted perpetual self -development process.

Motivation does not mean only to develop various positive qualities. Children should also be motivated to self-assess, accept mistakes, unlearn sub-consciously developed wrong concepts, and keep away from everything that will damage health or mindset. This part of the motivation is taken care of by means of scolding or punishments from parents and teachers during child age. Proper care should be taken at this age so that children do not misinterpret this act of elders and end up developing a negative mindset. Children should be trained to generate the necessary motivation out of these punitive measures adopted by parents and teachers at times instead of treating such incidences as a temporary event.

All the different means of motivation mentioned above are external measures. These measures will make the necessary impact only if a self- motivation process exists in a child’s mind and conduct. The self-motivation process in a child’s life will surely result in a positive reciprocation from children to the efforts of parents and teachers. To generate a self-motivation process a child must be introduced and trained to practice various human values with the growing age. The knowledge of basic human values will result in disciplined behavior on part of children and a self-motivation process to better one-self. The importance of self-motivation and thus the need for value education is not taken very seriously today though it is made a part of the curriculum in schools. It is a misconception in today’s world that adapting human values is an outdated phenomenon and a person leading life on the basis of human values has to suffer. Rather the knowledge and the ability to practice human values will ensure that an individual leads a fruitful and motivated life, always.

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